Toshiba TV Won’t Turn on Red Light Blinking (6 Causes & Fixes!)

It’s normal for your Toshiba TV to produce some light as it turns on. For example, a green light indicates the TV is turning on. However, if it won’t turn on but produces red light, it’s an indication of an underlying problem. 

The red light blinking when you try to turn on your TV could be that the TV has detected an issue and it requires some servicing. It can also mean that the firmware is outdated or a problem with the power supply. This issue can also result from a damaged main board or some issues with the remote control. 

So, is your Toshiba TV experiencing trouble turning on and there’s a red light blinking? You might find the solution in this article. Below are some of the reasons for the problem.

Insufficient Power Supply

If your TV won’t turn on, but it flashes red light, it could be receiving less power to enable it to run. It can be that a loose wiring connection or less voltage reaches your house from the main PowerPoint.

You can test if the issue is with your Toshiba TV by plugging in another device like a microwave. If the other device works well in this socket, then it means the wiring connection on the TV is either loose or damaged. If this is the case, you’ve got to work on the wirings to have the TV work normally.

If the TV is not receiving enough current, you need to check using a voltmeter. If there’s less voltage reaching the TV because of a problem with the outlet, check how to solve it. 

Only do this if you understand how electrical connections work. If not, consider working with an electrician to solve it. If the fuse is the problem, you’ve got to replace it and have your Toshiba TV turn on easily.

The Firmware Is Outdated

Another reason your Toshiba TV won’t turn on but flashes red light is because of outdated firmware. This results in a configuration error affecting the files of the TV. You need to update your Toshiba TV to have the problem fixed. 

You can get an updated version of the firmware file on the Toshiba official website. But be keen to get the right update as there are several of them given by Toshiba online. This means you need to know your TV’s model number to get an update that’s compatible with your device. 

Then install the updated version on your Toshiba TV to solve the problem. You will have a step-to-step guide on updating and installing it on your Toshiba TV from their website.

Set it on automatic software updates if you’ve got a smart Toshiba TV. This will enable it to update the software whenever there’s an update.

Dirty Vents or Slots

Your Toshiba TV may fail to turn on if the vents or slots are dirty, affecting its performance. You need to clean them out to have adequate power and air supply around the TV cabinet. 

Don’t use water to do this as this is an electronic device. Use a clean cloth to do away with dust and dirt on the slots or vents. But also ensure the room is clean to avoid affecting the performance of your TV.

Spoilt Main Board

Your Toshiba TV may not be turning on because the mainboard is damaged. This happens if the fuse is not powerful enough to reduce power fluctuations. The current will directly hit your TV, spoiling the mainboard when this happens.

In this case, you need to contact Toshiba to help solve the issue. They will let you know if you can get a new mainboard for your TV model. 

But if not, it means your TV will not turn on forever, and you need to buy a new one. If you’ve got your warranty, you can claim a replacement and avoid incurring additional costs.

Check On the Remote Control

Your Toshiba TV may fail to turn on but flash a red light if the remote control isn’t working. This mostly happens if you switch off the TV using the remote. Check if the remote’s batteries are okay. You can remove and clean the batteries then put them back in the right manner.

After that, reset the remote control by pressing on the ‘DPAP-left’ while still holding on to it, click on ‘back’ and the ‘menu’ buttons simultaneously. Do this for about 10 seconds, then let go of all the buttons, and your remote will have been reset. But don’t forget to wipe out the infrared sensor on the remote sensor and TV. Then test if your remote is working well.

Disconnect And Reconnect the TV To the Power Supply

Sometimes the solution to this problem could be as simple as switching off the TV from the main power supply. Disconnect the TV for about 1 minute, then plug it back. Remove it and connect the TV directly to the power outlet if you use a surge protector. If the Toshiba TV turns on afterward, the surge protector issue is.

Bottom Line

Your Toshiba TV not turning on while flashing red light could be because of outdated firmware/software. It can also result from an insufficient power supply or spoilt mainboard. But a faulty remote control can also lead to this problem. 

Look for the best solution for this and have your TV work as it should. If you can’t solve the issue yourself, consider working with a professional. 

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