Toshiba Smart TV Apps Not Working (Fixed!)

Currently, most people opt for smart TVs, which allow them to install various apps for entertainment purposes. You can have apps like Netflix, Amazon, ITV hub, or YouTube. However, these apps are prone to experience multiple challenges inconveniencing you.

For example, if you’ve got a Toshiba TV, the apps can stop working. It can be frustrating not to catch up with your favorite programs. What can make the Toshiba TV apps have this problem, and what’s the best solution? Here’s some in-depth information about all these. Read on!

Poor Internet Connection

The apps that work in smart TVs like Toshiba require a steady internet connection to work. So, if the internet is low, the apps may not work as they should, making you frustrated. Your internet connection could have expired, or the service provider has issues.

You can solve this by renewing your internet connection. Additionally, you can troubleshoot the internet connection by looking at the settings. Go to your TV’s settings using the remote. Then move to get help and select check your network.

If your Toshiba TV shows a green checkmark, the problem is not the apps but the internet connection. So, you need to restart the router or modem to have the network restored. You can do this by unplugging the TV router then plugging it back after some time to test if the problem is over. But if it’s a problem with the service providers, consider contacting them for help.  

Apps Are Outdated

You need to have updated apps on your Toshiba TV for it to work well. However, if the apps are outdated, they will have problems. This means you’ve got to update them to have the app’s software up to date.

You should go to settings then select on my apps to do this. After that, check if there’s any update for the apps. If available, update the apps on your Toshiba TV, and the issue should be over. You can update the apps automatically or through the manual method.

For the manual update, you can do this;

  • To update these apps, you should have your internet connection on.
  • Then click on the home button on your Toshiba Smart TV
  • Go to google play store
  • Then select settings on the left side of the screen
  • After that, press on the auto-update apps.  
  • Choose on the auto-update any time option to have the apps automatically updated.

Manual apps update

  • If you want to update your apps manually, power on your Toshiba TV, then go to Google PlayStore
  • Then select the apps you want to be updated.
  • Select on an individual app to see the information on the screen
  • If any of the apps have updates, you’ll get a notification requesting you to click on it. But if it doesn’t require you to update the app to the latest version, it means it’s up to date.
  •  To update all the apps at ago, you can select the My App Screen and then press the update all menu.

       After that, all the apps will be up to date.

Other Solutions to A Toshiba Smart Tv Apps Not Working

Reinstall the Apps

Alternatively, you can delete all the apps then reinstall them. It won’t take much time deleting the apps, but ensure you download them from the authentic app store. Reinstalling the apps on your Toshiba Smart TV will help you eliminate unnecessary data that makes them not work. It will also enable it to have new data that ease your TV work. You can do that by;

  • Go to the home button on your TV, then view the apps.
  • Press on the settings menu using your TVs remote.
  • Then select individual app and press on delete
  • Using the remote, go to Home Button and click on the search icon
  • After that, enter the name of the apps you want to install.
  • Press on install, and your Toshiba TV will have new functioning apps.

Reset Your Toshiba Smart TV

An alternative way to make your Toshiba smart TV apps work is by resetting them. However, the method you’ll use to reset the Toshiba smart TV depends on the model you’ve got. For example, the technique you’ll use if your TV works with a Wi-Fi connection is different from the Fire TV Edition.  

You can reset Toshiba smart TV that works by internet connection by;

  • Click on the Menu button on the remote control
  • Then press on the Setup button
  • After that, click on Settings
  • Then after that, go to the setup
  • And select on the reset option and click ok
  • You will have to enter the TV’s security pin for verification. Then press the enter button.

After that, your Toshiba TV and the apps will work usually.

If you’ve got a Toshiba fire TV edition, you can follow the below process to reset it;

  • Click on the Settings menu on your firestick
  • Then select my Fire TV
  • Press on the Reset button that appears on the confirmation pop up
  • After that, your Toshiba smart TV will be working.

Update The Toshiba Smart TV

Another way to have the apps on your Toshiba Smart TV work well is by updating the tv. This means you’ve got to update the operating system of your Toshiba smart TV to have the latest version. Updating the TV will also enable the apps to work effectively.

Refresh The Apps

You can have the apps on your Toshiba Smart TV work again by refreshing them. You can log out from the apps and log in afresh. This will take a few minutes but will help solve the issue. Signing out from all the apps is also an alternative. This requires you to sign out from all the devices with similar apps. When you do this, it will help reduce conflicts from the servers. So, log out, then log in to see if your Toshiba TV is working again.

Bottom Line

If your Toshiba smart TV apps are not working, it means you’ll not enjoy watching them any longer. So, you need to look for the best way to solve the problem. Update the apps or the TV to see if there’s a change. But if not, try checking on your internet connection as apps require a strong network to work.

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