Solved: Toshiba TV Won’t Stay On (9 Causes)

Your main aim in buying a TV is to be entertained and stay informed regardless of the time. However, there are instances where your TV can be a disappointment preventing you from enjoying watching it. For example, your Toshiba TV can refuse to stay on, inconveniencing you. What can cause this, and what’s the best solution to such a problem?

Your Toshiba TV not staying on can be an issue with the software. It could also be that you set the TV on a sleep timer, making it keep shutting off after some time. 

Read on and learn more about this.

TV Is on Sleep Timer Mode

Your Toshiba TV has settings that automatically set it to inactive mode. The sleep timer mode makes your TV turn off after 5 or 10 minutes, and it’s in a bid to save power. But this is something you can change and have your TV stay on.

Go to the TVs settings, then click on preferences. After that click on ”timer” or ”clock” to turn off the sleep timer mode. Your TV should then be capable of staying on even if you’re away for some minutes.

Tv Parts Are Faulty

The Toshiba TV not staying on could be an issue with its parts. The TVs parts could have an issue if the manufacturer made errors without their knowledge during the manufacturing process. So, if the devices reach various customers and they raise a concern that’s when they’ll be aware of the issue.

You can check on the Toshiba website if they’re recalling back the TVs, especially certain models similar to yours. If possible, contact the manufacturers to get much light on the whole process and what to do next.

Mother Board Is Destroyed/ Worn Out

Another reason why your Toshiba tv won’t stay on is a worn-out or destroyed motherboard. The motherboard is part of the hardware, is where various TV components meet and exchange signals.

If it’s destroyed, it will make your TV keep shutting off and on. Sometimes the issue could be a result of an overheated TV. It’s best to buy a new TV as replacing the motherboard tends to be expensive. It’s also not easy to repair the motherboard.

Tv’s Remote Could Be the Problem

Usually, you use the remote to power on and off your TV. However, if the remote’s power button is stuck, it will keep sending the TV mixed signals making it keep switching on and off. You should, in this case, check on this button and clean it. Use a household cleaner to clean all the buttons on the remote to remove dirt around them.

Also, remove dirt on the crevices using a q-tip. After cleaning these buttons, your Toshiba TV should power off and work normally afterward. But if this problem is not resolved after cleaning the remote buttons, check on the batteries. It could be that the batteries are dead, interfering with the signal transmission. When the remote has little charge, it will make the TV keep shutting down. Replace the remote batteries and see if the problem is resolved.

Outdated Software

If you’ve got a smart Toshiba TV, then it could be that the software is outdated. This can make it have bugs that infect the TV, making it turn off any time. You need to check for updates to have the problem resolved. Connect the TV to the internet, then check if there are any updates available.

Alternatively, you can go to the TVs settings then click on ”check updates” to check if there are any recent updates. Then update the device to enable it to work without such challenges. After that, your Toshiba TV should automatically restart.

Reset the TV

You can also solve this problem by resetting your Toshiba TV. This is if you’re not sure of the main cause but want to have your TV stay on longer. If you reset the TV, it will afterward be on factory settings.

You can reset the TV by;

  • Disconnect the TV from the main power supply
  • Then click on the power button at the front of the TV. Don’t release the power button but instead hold it longer for some seconds
  • Then plug the TV back into the socket/ power source
  • Finally, test if its able to stay on longer without turning off

If you’re unable to follow the above procedure, go to the TVs settings and search for ”factory reset”. Then click on it to reset your Toshiba TV and make it appear as a new device.

Inadequate Power Supply

Your TV not staying on whenever you want to watch can be an issue with the power supply. It can be that there are loose wire connections affecting the amount of current reaching the TV. This can also be an issue with damaged cables. You need to check on the cables, and wiring connections to ensure they’re in good shape. If there are any frayed wires, consider replacing them as they pose electrical hazards.

Check On the Connected Devices

 If you’ve connected your TV to other devices like a DVD player, then it can be that the device is the problem. If, for example, the DVD player keeps sending the TV ‘wake up” signals without prompting it, then it won’t stay on. This happens if the devices are old, making them misfire. You need to upgrade to newer devices to stop this from happening.

Faulty Surge Protector

Your Toshiba TV may fail to stay on if you’re using a faulty surge protector. If this is the case, the TV won’t be able to get a steady current supply, interfering with how it works. You can check if the surge protector is the problem by connecting the TV directly to the socket. If it stays on, then you need to replace the surge protector. You can also avoid using the surge protector to have your TV run without hitches.

Bottom Line

Your Toshiba TV not staying on can be annoying when you want to watch your favorite program. This can be a hardware issue, or the remote power button is stuck. It can also result from an inadequate power supply or outdated software. Identify where the problem is and fix it to enjoy watching again. 

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