The 350 square feet of living space on a 28’ Movable Roots trailer is all you need to enjoy life on the road.

Many people enjoy the familiarity of a homelike atmosphere when traveling. If you love the feeling of traveling with your house occasionally and carrying all your essentials, a tiny home is perfect for you. The Cat House tiny home offers you the flexibility of moving stress-free while staying in a 350 sq ft living space with all your belongings, including your beloved pets.

Movableroots Tiny Home Builders

This tiny home offers you the freedom to customize the furnishings to suit your needs and lifestyle. The home features a unique design and plan that ensures traveler’s comfort. The 28’ Movable Roots trailer provides mobility, freedom, and comfort in a well-designed and planned space. The Cat House truly offers the freedom to enjoy life on the road while still enjoying the atmosphere of your home.

You will love how the designers separated the bathroom from the kitchen and the living room.  A separate bathroom ensures you enjoy the basics of sanitation with the much-needed privacy. It features a full-size shower for perfect relaxation after a fun, tiring day. 

The living area offers a comfortable entertainment area with large leather seats where you can sit and enjoy your favorite TV show. The kitchen has all the amenities with built-in modern appliances. 

Movableroots Tiny Home Builders

The loften master bedroom design is the best way to save space in this tiny home and still enjoy the comfort of your room. You get a comfortable sleeping area with a king-size mattress. You have a space at the foot of the bed where you can stand to change or do other things, such as tidying up.

Movableroots Tiny Home Builders

Of course, the storage area is important, no matter how tiny the space is. The Cat House comes with an abundant storage area featuring cabinetry and custom storage options. You don’t have to force yourself to go minimal when you can get enough storage for your belongings in this tiny home.

Movableroots Tiny Home Builders

If you plan to travel frequently with your tiny home, we have you covered with everything you need for comfort. The black and grey water tanks ensure all your waste water drains perfectly so you can live in a comfortable and healthy space. For freshwater, there’s a separate tank ready to come to your aid for the days when you’re off-grid.

The exterior of this tiny house never disappoints, as well. The aesthetic appeal of this home doesn’t compromise its functionality. You can park your home anywhere and shield yourself from the scorching sun with a beautiful retractable awning. You don’t have to worry about wind blowing it off because it’s made with wind-sensing capability. 

Movableroots Tiny Home Builders

This Cat House tiny home is a masterpiece right from the exterior to the interior. It’s a true blend of quality materials with premium craftsmanship. The awning, the butterfly roof, and the gutter system are all the features that make the exterior one of a kind. On the inside, you’ll be impressed with their high-quality wooden flooring, granite countertop, the sunroom in the bedroom, and tiles in different spaces such as the bathroom. This is just a glimpse of what you can get with as little as $165,000.

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