Chromecast Not Working on Toshiba Tv (7 Things to Do!)

Your Toshiba tv working with Chromecast will enable you to enjoy staying indoors. You can stream different content online through YouTube, Netflix or Google play using the two and your phone/ computer. 

If you’ve been used to using Chromecast then it stops working on your Toshiba tv the solution might be as simple as restarting your tv. It could also be that the apps/tv require updates, the Chromecast is unplugged, or the device is not compatible with your tv.

All these are things you can comfortably work on and have your Chromecast working on Toshiba tv. We’ve got some of the best fixes to help you out. Read on!

Troubleshoot Chromecast Not Working on Toshiba Tv (We have Fix!)

Restart The Tv

If your Toshiba tv can’t work with the Chromecast device, consider restarting it. You can do that by;

  • Switch off the tv with the remote control
  • Then disconnect the tv from the main power supply on the wall by unplugging or switching it off
  • After that, wait for about 30 seconds before reconnecting the tv to the socket.
  • Then switch it on and test if the Chromecast tv is working.

Update Your Google Home App

If the above hack doesn’t work for you, try updating your google home app or your phone. Remember, you can stream various services through your phone to the Toshiba tv if it’s a smart tv. So, if the Chromecast isn’t working, you need to update google and see if the problem is solved.

Ensure the Chromecast device and your phone share the same Wi-Fi when doing this. Alternatively, you can reinstall the app on the Chromecast device or your phone and see if it works as before.

If you’ve got an android device, you can do that by;

  • Go to Google Play Store, then search for Google Home.
  • Then look if there’s any update you need to do. If the app requires updates, do so and test if Chromecast works on your Toshiba tv.

But if this doesn’t help, consider reinstalling the app. This is after you uninstall the other older version.

If you’ve got an iOS phone, you can do this by;

  • Go to Apple App Store, then click on the user profile on top of the device screen.
  • Then check for pending updates on the list of apps to be updated
  • You can then either reinstall the app or update it on your apple device
  • Try running the Toshiba tv if it’s working with the Chromecast.

Consider Updating the Toshiba Tv

Can you update a smart tv? Even though manufacturers are in charge of their product updates, you can try doing this. Toshiba does regular updates on their products, so you can do this occasionally to stay up to date.

Go to the tv’s settings and look for any recent updates. But this is only if the manufacturers did release updates. Note that the updates’ steps depend on the Toshiba model you’ve got.

Check On the Wi-Fi Connection

You need to have operational Wi-Fi for your Chromecast to work on the Toshiba tv. So, if there’s no Wi-Fi or it’s a weak connection, your Chromecast device won’t be able to connect with the tv and your phone. Look if your Wi-Fi has expired and renewed the connection. If it’s a weak connection, look for the best way to fix it.

Also, ensure your phone and the Chromecast device share the same network to avoid such challenges. Don’t forget to check on the Wi-Fi passwords and avoid adding a second Wi-Fi network to prevent having the phone and Chromecast working on different networks.

Additionally, check if there’s a poor signal making the Chromecast not detect the signal. Remember, most TVs have issues with signals making it hard for the signals to pass through. You can solve this by using the HDMI extender cable to help connect the Chromecast device to Wi-Fi.

Reset Your Tv

If your Toshiba tv is not working with Chromecast, consider resetting it. You can reset the tv using the following two methods;

  • The first method you can use to reset your Toshiba tv is by going to the menu button on the remote control.
  • Using the remote control, select on settings, go to the setup, select on reset TV, and press the enter button.
  • Enter the pin (If you have it).
  • Then press yes to confirm your decision which appears on the pop-up warning
  • After that, your tv will restart, and once the reset is over, it should work with the Chromecast device.

The other method you can use to do this is by;

  • Selecting on the setup button.
  • The go to installation and then to reset tv
  • Press on yes when the warning pop up appears.
  • After that, your Toshiba tv should restart automatically, and you’ll have your tv reset.

Check If the Chromecast Is Properly Fixed on The Tv

For the Chromecast to work on your tv, you need to plug it into the television through an HDMI port using a cable. After that, you can connect it to your phone or computer and play your favorite music. However, sometimes, the Chromecast device is not properly fixed on the Toshiba tv, making it not work.

You need to check the HDMI port to ensure the cable is plugged in well. Then fix it and try using your tv.

Test If the Tv Is Compatible with The Chromecast

Another reason your Toshiba tv is not working if you connect the Chromecast is that they’re not compatible. It could be that the type of Chromecast you’ve got is not compatible with your Toshiba tv. Or you’ve got an outdated Toshiba tv.

For the Chromecast to work with the tv, it should have High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 1.3. so, if yours doesn’t have this or the HDMI inputs, the Chromecast won’t work with it. This is if your Toshiba tv model is more than six years old and above.

To enjoy using the Chromecast with your Toshiba tv, consider upgrading to the newer versions. The newer Toshiba tv versions have HDMI ports and a port that works with the HDCP 2.2.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats having your Toshiba tv that’s connected to a Chromecast on a long day for the loners. The combination will give you great company as you get to watch your favorite movies and listen to the best music in the world.

However, after investing in these devices, the last thing you want to hear is if any of them are not working. If this is the case, you need a quick fix and enjoy your time indoors. Check if the Wi-Fi connection is poor, the Chromecast is unplugged, or the apps need updates.

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