The LED lights in a whirlpool refrigerator help illuminate it, especially when you want to get some snacks during the night. The lights should turn on whenever you open the door. But what could be the problem when you open the refrigerator, and the lights are dim?

It could be that the LED light bulbs are faulty or there’s a wiring connection problem. You can replace the lights to have the LED lights work normally. Working on the electrical connection is also a solution. 

Read on and get more explanation about why your whirlpool refrigerator lights dim.

Why A Whirlpool Refrigerator Lights Dim and Possible Solutions

Your Whirlpool refrigerator might fail to produce enough light because of the following reasons;

A Poor Wiring Connection/ Faulty Wiring

Usually, a refrigerator has internal wiring which gets electricity from the socket. When the wiring is in perfect condition, the LED lights will work without challenges. However, if the wiring is faulty, the lightbulb won’t be receiving enough electric current, making it not produce enough light.

Additionally, if you are using a new whirlpool refrigerator in a house with dated wiring, it may not be able to receive enough electric current. This is because modern appliances have higher current demands that the old wires can’t meet.

Low current means the lightbulbs on the fridge won’t be able to shine bright. But if it’s poorly installed wiring, it will not only make the lights dim but also pose a danger to anyone using the refrigerator. It can result in a fire outbreak or electrocuting someone.

You can work on the wiring connection to have the light shine brighter. Replacing the old wiring system will also help your refrigerator work well.

Spoilt Power Cord

At times it could be that the power cord is not plugged in properly. After you accidentally knock it, this could be interfering with the power supply. When there’s an unsteady power supply, the whirlpool refrigerator LED will dim whenever you open the door.

You can check on the electrical connections and work on them as required. But if it’s something beyond your knowledge, consider working with a professional.

Circuits Overload

Your Whirlpool refrigerator may also light dim when the circuit is overloaded. An overloaded circuit is one with more than one appliance sharing the same circuit. So, if the current demand on one circuit is higher, it will become overloaded.

When this happens, each appliance will get a little power supply, making it not work effectively. This can be a reason why your whirlpool refrigerator light is dim.

You can solve this by placing each appliance in its circuit. Doing this will also improve your appliance safety, making them serve you longer.

Your Refrigerator Light Bulbs Might Be Old

Sometimes your whirlpool refrigerator might be producing dim light because the lightbulbs are old. When the LED bulbs are about to reach the end of their lifespan, they’ll not have much light as the components become weak.

The filament on the bulbs will also be weaker, making the LED flicker when you open the refrigerator.

You need to replace the old bulbs and have your refrigerator brighter than before.

Problem with the Power Grid

Another reason why the whirlpool refrigerator might be producing dim light is because of power grid problems in your area. When the main power supply in your area has a problem, your home’s appliances will also face a challenge.

For example, an increase in the demand for power supply on the same power grid will affect the amount of energy reaching your house. Low energy means the refrigerator will struggle to keep working, a reason why the bulb might be dimmer.

Corroded Wires

Dim lights on the whirlpool refrigerator could also result from a corroded wire at the main breaker. Even though this has nothing to do with your refrigerator, it will affect how it works.

You should call your electrician to help diagnose the problem and have the wires in the perfect shape.

A Faulty Switch

A whirlpool refrigerator has a switch on top of the fridge, which you use to power on and off the bulbs. It’s usually at a place where the door touches it as it closes. The switch could be worn out or faulty. Sometimes the button can also experience problems because of dirt or dust build-up. This might interfere with how it functions.

For example, the dust build-up will prevent the switch from fully turning on the lightbulb, making it dim. It could also be that the button is broken, so whenever you open or close the door, it bounces, not working as it should.

If it’s dust build-up, clean the switch with a cloth and warm water. But a broken or faulty switch requires replacement to enable it to light the refrigerator well.

Surge Wattage from Other Appliances

Surge wattage is when some appliances in your house use more energy when turning on. When these appliances turn on, they interfere with the voltage and reduce the amount of current flowing to your whirlpool refrigerator. This will make the LED lights dim, interfering with your vision.

You can stop this by using different breakers for every appliance. But note that the dim lights are prone to happen even after this, even if your wiring connections are okay.

Loose Bulbs

If the refrigerator light bulbs are loose, they’ll produce dim light. This is because they won’t receive enough power to shine brighter.

You need to tighten the bulbs to enable them to work as before. If the wires leading to the bulb are loose, re-tighten them and have them hold well.

LED Lights Are Connected in A Series

There’s the possibility that your whirlpool LED lights are dim because all the bulbs are connected. When this is the case, and one of the bulbs has a problem, the rest will also experience issues. This can make the light bulbs dim.

It’s advisable to replace the main bulb with issues before handling the rest in the series. Alternatively, you can switch off the fridge and then power it on to resolve the issue. Disconnect the refrigerator from the main socket and wait for about 30 seconds. After that, you can plug it back in and test if it’s working.

If none of the two works, consider replacing the LED light. You can do this by yourself or work with a technician.

Bottom Line

If your whirlpool refrigerator LED light is dim, it could result from a loose bulb or faulty wiring connection. This problem could also be because of a low electric current to the fridge, a shared circuit, a power grid problem, or a wattage surge. It could also be from old bulbs or faulty switches. Some of these issues you can solve yourself, while others require the intervention of a technician. 

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