Asbestos is harmful to health and should not be allowed to spread in the air within the house. However, it still exists in old houses’ ceiling tiles, pipe cement, floor tiles, or shingles. If you’re remolding your home, you’re likely to encounter asbestos. There are instances where you can accidentally remove asbestos tile, exposing yourself to the harmful ingredient.

If you accidentally remove asbestos tiles, the first thing to do is to let the air out. Then have the tiles tested for asbestos and bring a certified specialist to air your home to eliminate the remaining asbestos. Doing this will reduce the asbestos fiber, which is dangerous when inhaled and can lead to cancer.

If you accidentally removed asbestos tiles and looking for the best solution, this article will help you understand more about it.

Can You Glue Over Asbestos Tile?

When remolding your home, you might not know that asbestos was used as an ingredient when installing the vinyl floor tiles. It’s best to test the tiles for asbestos. Work with a specialist to take air samples from the asbestos tiles.

If the test comes positive, you should consider gluing over asbestos when installing a new tile. Look for a material that will seal it and prevent dust from the old adhesive from reaching the surface.

To succeed in doing this, choose the tile carefully. A tile with the right thickness will give you an easy time gluing over asbestos. You should choose a tile that is recommended for floor use. Additionally, use the right adhesive, which will enable the tile to stick to the old one better.

The Best Flooring to Glue Over Asbestos Tiles

If your asbestos tiles are old, your home will look outdated, prompting you to do renovations. However, removing the asbestos tiles is not a good option as the adhesive and dust harm our health and require professional handling. To avoid this, choose the right flooring to glue over the asbestos tiles.

The best material you can use for this are;

Ceramic Tiles

You can use ceramic tile to glue over asbestos tiles. The tiles have the right thickness, which won’t give you problems when working. However, you must pick suitable tiles for floors and use the right adhesive. You can use Portland cement-based adhesive to stick the ceramic tiles to the old asbestos tiles.

Vinyl Tiles

You can settle for vinyl tiles to seal over asbestos tiles. You can glue it directly on the asbestos tiles with no deformation like peels or loose. Vinyl tiles are the best choice because they are thin enough and won’t raise your floor’s height. Using vinyl tiles on an already thick floor is advisable as they don’t require an additional adhesive layer to stick.

Porcelain Tiles

Another alternative is the porcelain tile over asbestos tile. The tiles are durable and versatile. You can get up to 24 inches of porcelain tiles and have a clean, modern look without any grout lines. Before using this tile, measure the area you want to install them to ascertain if their thickness will fit well.

Natural Stones

You can also opt for natural stones. When you use natural stones, be ready to seal the tiles after installation. You should also use epoxy-based thin-set mortar to glue the natural stones over asbestos stones.

When using natural stones, be ready to do regular maintenance like cleaning and sealing. Also, consider the thickness of the flooring to get the best results. However, if the old asbestos is in an area full of moisture, it’s advisable not to use natural stones over them. This is because the stones are porous and will absorb water affecting your flooring.

Floating Floor

Alternatively, you can have a floating floor over the asbestos tiles. This is if the space can accommodate its thickness. The laminate floor will hold better over the other than the floor and is a perfect pick than wood. When you use wood over asbestos, you’ve got to pierce through the asbestos to get the best results.

How To Remove Asbestos from Your Home?

If you accidentally remove asbestos tiles in your home, the toxic dust will mix with the indoor air, affecting your breathing system. Exposure to asbestos fiber can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma, affecting your health.

To stop this, you can;

Remove The Asbestos Tiles

The best solution if you accidentally remove asbestos tiles in your home and confirm there’s asbestos is to remove all the tiles. You can do this after testing for asbestos using the right kit or working with professionals.

First, know how to remove the asbestos glue using a suitable solvent. This will loosen the asbestos tiles. Also, ensure you have the right gear to avoid further problems and be patient. Do this process carefully and remove the tiles one by one.

Can You Put Carpet Over Tile Asbestos?

Even though asbestos is banned, some homes are built with these materials. These homes were built in the early 1980s, rendering the occupants vulnerable when they accidentally remove the asbestos.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t cover the asbestos tiles with a carpet. If the asbestos tiles are in perfect condition, you can use a carpet to enhance the look of your floor or keep it warmer. Using the carpet will help reduce the chances of asbestos dust on the floor getting into your home. It’s a better way of reducing further damage after accidentally removing the asbestos tiles and looking for a permanent solution.

However, if the asbestos tiles are damaged or have signs of spoiling soon, it’s not best to use a tile over it. This is because the dangerous fibers will not be contained and move through the carpet, harming your life. In this case, you should remove the asbestos tiles to be safer.

Bottom Line

If you accidentally remove asbestos tiles, the first thing to do is take precautionary measures and let the air out. Then carry out the proper test for asbestos with a specialist and consider whether to remove or repair the tiles. You can opt to glue other flooring materials like porcelain or stone tiles over the asbestos tiles to avoid further harm.

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