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Whirlpool Refrigerator Interior Light Flashing (8 Reasons & Fixes!)

Whirlpool Refrigerator Interior Light Flashing (8 Reasons & Fixes!)

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Your Whirlpool refrigerator producing flashing light occasionally might seem normal. But if the interior light keeps flashing, it means there’s an underlying problem you need to look at. 

A whirlpool refrigerator light flashing most of the time indicates that water heat can’t be detected during the cycle. The bulb could be having a problem, or it’s loosely fitting. At times it’s a sign of a faulty switch or an issue with the dimmer. You can replace the bulb or work on the wiring connection. 

In this article, we’ll tell you more details about why the light might be flushing and also show you the solution to these problems. Read on!

Why Interior Light Flashing? (Fixes!)

There are various reasons why your whirlpool refrigerator interior light keeps flashing. They include;

1. Refrigerator’s Bulb Has Issues

When the bulb of your whirlpool is in perfect condition, it will not keep flashing light but instead, produce steady beams. But if it’s a loose bulb, it won’t get enough power supply. The loose bulb will keep flashing at intervals and with different intensities depending on the amount of current received.

Remember, bulbs become loose with time making them have imperfect connect with the socket.

Tighten the bulb and see if the flashing stops. But if there’s no change after that, consider replacing the bulb to have your refrigerator functional as before.

2. An Issue with The Dimmers

If your whirlpool refrigerator has LED bulbs, the interior will flash because of dimmer switches. Dimmers are supposed to work with higher electrical loads. So, if you use them with low voltage LED bulbs, it will keep flashing.

To avoid this problem, consider using the right LED bulbs that match the voltage of the dimmers

3. The Switch Could Be Faulty

Every whirlpool refrigerator has a switch that lights the interior bulbs whenever you open the doors. However, when the bulb lights are flashing, there’s a problem with the switch, making it unable to turn off the lights when you close the door.  

This could result from dust or dirt around the switch blocking it and making it not work as it should. The switch may also fail to work well when loose or broken. So, it will keep flickering light as it can shut off or power on completely.

To prevent this from happening, you need to clean the switch and get rid of dirt around it. You can also consider replacing a broken switch to make it work well.

4. Inadequate Power Supply

Another reason your whirlpool refrigerator interior light is flashing is because of an unsteady energy supply. When there’s less current reaching the refrigerator, it will struggle to keep your food cool and light the bulbs. In the end, the bulb will flash or blink, making it hard to see the refrigerator’s contents.

Inadequate power supply results from poor wiring connection or low current into the home. You can work on the wiring to help have a steady current supply to the whirlpool refrigerator.

5. Fluctuating Voltage

If the flashing is for some time as you turn on the refrigerator, that’s a sign that it’s a large appliance that requires high voltage to start running. This should not be a cause of concern as the fridge will normally work after picking it up. But if it continues even after closing the door, it requires special attention to diagnose the root cause. You should consider calling your technician to see where the problem is.

6. Problem with The Wiring Connection

Any electrical appliance requires a steady power supply to operate without major challenges. However, there is a time when this is impossible because of a poor wiring connection. It could be that the wires are loosely attached, interfering with the amount of current reaching the bulb.

For example, if the switch and bulb’s wiring is loose, not enough current will reach the lightbulb. It could also be that the wiring connection from the main supply is weak, causing all these problems.

You need to call your electrician to work on this as it’s dangerous letting your refrigerator work in such a condition. Let the professional check the circuit breaker and work on the connection accordingly, as electrical wires can cause a fire outbreak.

7. Circuit Board Is Spoilt

The circuit board is like the brain of the refrigerator as it helps control various features like the cooling process and lights. If it’s spoilt or the resistor is burnt, the lights won’t be able to work normally. The main reason why this part may fail to work is because of poor wiring connection, which affects the power supply.

You can detect this with the help of a refrigerator expert who checks on the hinge cover to access the wiring on the control panel. After confirming that the circuit board of your whirlpool refrigerator is the problem, you need to replace it.

But you need to replace the circuit board after trying to reset it, and it doesn’t bring forth any changes. Unplug your Whirlpool refrigerator for about 2-3 hours, then plug it in after that and see if it works without the interior flashing.

If this doesn’t bear fruit, replace it. Ensure you buy what is compatible with your model to enable it to work on your refrigerator. However, you can do this if you’re into DIY electrical projects.

8. Cord Is Tripped

Sometimes your whirlpool refrigerator interior keeps flashing light because the cord is tripped over. You could have unknowingly removed the cord from the main outlet making the refrigerator not get adequate energy supply. This you can easily correct by reconnecting the plug to enable your refrigerator to get enough power supply.

However, if the cord is damaged, the wires won’t be able to supply enough current to the refrigerator’s bulb. This will affect its performance, making it keep flashing. You should, in this case, replace the wires to enable continuous power flow to the fridge.

Bottom Line

The interior lights in your whirlpool refrigerator play a crucial role while you’re removing or placing various food contents into it. However, when the lights keep flashing, it will interfere with your vision, and it’s an indication of an underlying problem.

Before considering the next step, you need to check if the refrigerator’s bulbs are in perfect shape. If the lightbulbs are functional, look if the switch is damaged or faulty and work on it accordingly. However, if it’s a poor wiring connection or inadequate power supply, determine the root cause and replace the parts making your refrigerator interior flashing.

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