In the colorful world of DIY, spray painting emerges as a favored technique for its quick and transformative results. However, it’s not without its challenges. Worry not! A seasoned influencer (Shenskablog) has shared five game-changing spray painting tips that will upgrade your DIY projects from mundane to magazine-worthy! Let’s dive in.

1. Preparation: The Foundation of Flawless Finish

Preparation isn’t just the first step; it’s the cornerstone of successful spray painting. It’s messy, and understanding that is crucial. The influencer suggests setting up a dedicated space, ideally within a spray paint tent or a homemade equivalent. Wall protection? Plastic covers are your friend. But when it comes to the floor, steer clear of the stickiness. Instead, lay down cardboard for a firmer, slip-free surface. Remember, the time invested in prepping pays off in the perfection of your project!

2. Hooked on Efficiency: The Cabinet Door Trick

Tackling cabinet doors can be cumbersome, but not with this nifty trick! Add cup hooks to the top or bottom of your doors, in spots that will be hidden once reassembled. This genius move allows you to paint both sides in one go and hang them up to dry, slashing your working time and doubling the efficiency. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to continuous workflow!

3. The Hanging Solution: A Clothing Rack Hack

Forget expensive equipment; the cheapest clothing rack you can find is about to become your best spray painting ally. Hang the doors on the rack, and for an extra stability tip, place paper or tape where the hanger meets the door. This prevents wobbling and ensures an even coat. It’s about being resourceful and repurposing with purpose!

4. Mastery in Motion: The Art of Spray Painting

Starting off-target and moving steadily across your piece is the key to a smooth, drip-free finish. Overlapping your spray ensures coverage without the mess of oversaturation. Remember, patience is your partner in spray painting. Rushing leads to runs and drips, so take your time and aim for even, light coats, particularly on tricky edges and corners.

5. Garage Door Railing: An Unexpected Ally

Finally, utilize what’s already there – your garage door railing! Lock the door to avoid temptations of opening it and hang up the freshly painted doors. It’s a simple, innovative way to maximize space and ensure your doors dry evenly without touching anything.


There you have it, five innovative spray painting tips straight from an expert. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re ready to tackle any project with confidence and creativity. Remember, it’s not just about the final look but enjoying the process of transformation. Happy painting!

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