The color choice on your walls brings vibrance to the surrounding area. You can decide to go for gray paint but use different shades depending on your taste. While some people think gray is dull and flat, to some, this is a perfect choice with different shades. Some of the commonly used shades include colonnade gray and agreeable gray. What’s the difference between colonnade gray vs. agreeable gray?

Colonnade Gray is a lighter shade color that’s not too dark or light with greige and green undertones. On the other hand, agreeable gray is a warm color with a beige undertone whose color shade varies according to the light intensity.

If you intend to use any of these grays, this guide is for you as we’ll delve deeper into each, bringing out their unique features.

Is Colonnade Gray Too Dark?

Colonnade Gray is a popular color having its roots in great historical structures like the Corinthian pillars. It has greige and green undertones, which makes it stand out. Colonnade gray shade falls in between agreeable gray and repose gray.

This color is not too dark or light. It is a flexible color that creates a crisp, warm, and cozy feel indoors. Colonnade gray is mostly considered a neutral color with some warmth. Most people like colonnade gray in their bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or areas where they don’t want to look warm or cool.

Affect of light on the appearance of Colonade Gray

The amount of natural light determines whether it appears dark or light. For example, if your house receives a lot of natural light, your colonnade gray walls will appear much of a lighter shade. The light will make it softer and have a beige-shaded hue. This will help you brighten the space and make it appear much bigger. However, if you paint this color on north-facing rooms, it will appear darker.

The Trim Colors That Blend Well with Colonnade

If you want to break the monotony of colonnade gray on your walls, you can introduce different trim colors. You can use white trim on walls painted colonnade gray. However, you can also use brighter trims depending on your taste.

Is Agreeable Gray Warm or Cool?

Agreeable gray

Agreeable gray is considered a warm gray paint in bright areas. However, it becomes darker in dark areas with cool light. It has a beige undertone which appears differently depending on the available light. You can trim it with white, blue, or any neutral color.

How does Light Affect the Color of Agreeable Gray?

Lighting determines how your agreeable gray walls will appear. The north-facing rooms, which receive cooler and blueish light, will make it appear darker. The south-facing rooms will make agreeable gray walls warmer, while the west-facing rooms will be warmer in the afternoons.

Bottom Line

Colonnade Gray and agreeable gray paints share some features like both have greige/beige undertones. However, agreeable gray is much warmer than colonnade, which appears darker in north-facing rooms. But the color shades appear differently depending on the light intensity in the rooms. 

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