A successful painting project needs well-shaken paint to enable the content to mix well and make the surfaces look fresh and cared for. However, shaking the paint by yourself is not easy, especially if it is a large can. It’s advisable to shake the paint at the depot using a machine. 

Yes, Home Depot can shake your paint for free and ensure you get the right texture. The shaking helps mix the paint components better than if you do it yourself. Home Depot can also shake your old paint for free, regardless of where you bought it from.  However, they must be in perfect shape for Home Depot to offer the complementary service.

If you’re planning to go to Home Depot to shake your paint, this guide is for you.

What Kind of Paint Does Home Depot Shake?

Home Depot can shake any type of paint meant for interior or exterior painting. They can do house, craft, and wall paints if a customer brings them to the depot. They use their machines to shake the paint, saving you from too much-stirring work.

Home Depot can also retint the paint to a darker color. But for re-tinting, you must have bought the paint at Home Depot and get the desired color that will favor your needs.

Why You Should Shake Your Paint at Home Depot?

The main reason to get your paint shaken at Home Depot is to have the components mix well. Remember, paint contains pigments, binders, additives, and solvents, making it un-uniform. 

If you leave the paint unused for some days, the components begin to separate can affect the final painting results if not well shaken. So you have to shake the paint well, which the machine can do better to give you a uniform look. 

Furthermore, you need to shake the paint at a Home Depot to avoid the challenges that come with it. First, your hands will strain if you plan to stir a bigger can yourself. Shaking the paint also results in bubbles, affecting the project’s outcome. 

The air bubbles will affect the adhesive properties of the paint, and the finish also becomes rough. But if you take the paint to the Home Depot with experts who understand their work, this won’t be a problem, and you’ll get the desired painting work results.

How Long Does Home Depot Take to Shake Paint?

The whole process can take between 5 to ten minutes. This is way faster and easier than stirring with your hands. 

How Long Does the Paint Retain Its Consistency After Shaking?

The amount of time your paint can stay mixed after shaking depends on many factors, including:

The Type of Paint

Some paints, like oil-based paints, take less time to separate after shaking, requiring you to keep stirring when painting. However, other paint types, like latex-based paints, can go for over an hour without being shaken.

The Can’s Size

A smaller can requires regular mixing and shaking, unlike the bigger cans. This happens because the smaller cans hold more air than the larger ones.

Can You Shake Old Paint at Home Depot?

Yes, However, the paint must be in good shape for them to accept doing this for you. It should not be drying out, or the components have fully separated.

Bottom Line

You need consistent and uniform paint to paint the surfaces without blemishes. To achieve this, consider taking your paint to Home Depot for shaking. Home Depot does complimentary shaking using a machine that ensures you get the desired results on your painting project.