A king-sized bed is ideal for two adults who want to share the bed without squeezing each other. It’s size is the market’s biggest and widest beds. The bed requires enough space to fit in and still have room to walk around or add your favorite furniture. If your room measures 11 by 11, you might wonder whether a king-size bet can fit.

Well, a king-size bed can fit in an 11×11 room, but it will not leave any space. The bed, which measures 76 inches by 80 inches, will not leave the recommended opening for walking around or keeping your furniture. You might also be forced to go dress in another room.

If you want to upgrade to a king-size bed, this article is for you as we’ll look at the ideal room size that suits it.

King Size Bed Dimensions

Type Of King BedDimensionsBest Suits
King bed76″ by 80.”Couples, couples with kids or pets
Split king38″ by 80″ for each mattressFor those who have different mattress needs or prefer an adjustable bed frame
California king72″ by 84.”Couples, couples with kids/pets
Wyoming king84″ by 84.”couples with children or pets
Texas king80″ by 96.”Tall adults, couples with children/pets
Alaskan king108″ by 108.”Adults with different sleeping positions, couples with kids and pets

What Size Room Is Needed for King Size Bed?

Before you buy a king-sized bed, it’s best to know the ideal room size where it will be installed. The recommended room size for a king-sized bed depends on your type. A California king bed requires a 14′ by 12′ room size. A standard king-size bed recommended room size is 13′ by 13′ while twin king-size beds are 7′ by 10′.

The recommended room sizes leave about 30 inches of space around the bed. This allows you to walk in this room freely, add some furniture like a dresser or nightstands. 

Calculating Room Size

Odd-shaped rooms may not work with the recommended room size for a king bed. In this case, you can calculate the ideal room size that can house the bed. Consider the size of the bed, then add 30 inches which you should leave for movement.

For example, if the king bed is 76′ by 80′, you need to add 30 to its length and width. This means you take 76+30+30 and 80+30, which relates to an area of 136 inches by 110 inches. When you translate this to inches, you’ll get 11 ‘4 “ by 9’2″ is an ideal room size for a standard king-size bed.

The space you leave around the king-sized bed will allow the opening of the furniture like drawers. It will also give space to open doors, windows that open inwards. However, a 12 by 12 room can also house a king-sized bed and allow you to play around with décor and have a sleek lamp.

Can A King Size Bed Fit in A 11×13 Room?

Yes, an 11×13 room size can allow a king-size bed in. According to the above calculations, an 11’4″ by 9’2″ will fit a standard king-size bed. However, the other king-size beds like the Alaskan king will fit without leaving enough walking space.

It’s advisable to have a king-size bed in a 13 by 13 room to give enough room. This is despite a king-size bed capable of fitting in a 10 by 12 feet room which is the smallest space you can have it on but with challenges. When you fix a king-size bed in an 11 by 13 room, the chances of having décor, other furniture, or the visual design of the room reduces.

Bottom Line

A king-size bed will allow you as a family to enjoy sleeping without feeling squeezed. However, before buying a king-sized bed, it’s best to know the size of the room. An 11 by 11 room or an 11 by 13 room can house a king-size bed. However, it won’t leave adequate space to walk around. You will also have no area to place your décor and other furniture. If you need enough room for other things, a 13 by 13 room will be the best space for a king-size bed.

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