Window blinds are an integral part of any home. They are essential as they block out light, offer privacy and protect your home from sun rays. While purchasing window blinds, this question pops up for many homeowners: Is it OK to have longer blinds than the window?

Sometimes, it is OK to have longer blinds than your window, even for an inside mount. Longer blinds mean that there will be an extra stack on the sill, and most often, it is not a flawless look as it can appear sloppy. Outside blind mounts, however, are ideal, being long as you want them to overlap. The overlapping is a good idea as it will offer better light blockage for your home.

This article looks closely at whether it is ideal to have your blinds longer than the window. Also, get more insights into whether the blinds should be flush with the window and answer some questions regarding blinds, so read on.

Should blinds be flush with the window?

Once you select the blinds according to your preferences, the next question should be how to mount the blinds on your windows. It is important to note that mounting blinds usually varies with your selected blinds.

There are two ways of mounting blinds: the inside and outside mount. Outside mount, often called outside brackets, refers to installing the blinds outside the window frame.

 On the other hand, inside mounts are installed inside the window opening and are often flush with the window opening.

If your window doesn’t have enough depth for an inside mount, then an outside mount is the perfect solution. Outside mounts have benefits such as better light coverage than the inside mount.

What should you consider while installing window blinds?

You can call a professional to install the blinds or do it yourself. Before installing the window blinds, let’s look at what you need to understand.

Measure the window frame

To fit the right blinds, you must take the correct measurements. There are several options for mounting the blinds, such as mounting the blinds more forward, flush with the wall, or closer to the window.

Invest in high-quality blinds

There are many options in the market, such as wood blinds, vinyl blinds, and aluminum coverings, to name a few. Investing in good-quality blinds is beneficial as they will serve you for an extended period. Visit several stores to see what is available and what will work with your aesthetics.

Install the blinds

Most professionals can attest that mounting flush to the wall gives a well-polished appearance. For the perfect insulation and heat blocking, consider mounting close to the window.

You can call a professional to assist you with installing the blinds at a fee. Well-mounted blinds will enhance the aesthetics of your home significantly.

How much smaller should the blinds be than the window?

Your home will look sloppy if your blinds are not the right size for your window. In most cases, people will often be confused about how smaller the blinds should be than the window. For accurate measurements, ensure that you measure all the windows in your home and don’t assume that their sizes are similar.

The gap on any side of the blinds depends on the type of blinds you choose. When taking the measurements for the window blinds, measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom, then pick the smallest size.

If the blinds are too broad, then their functionality will be affected. Most blind manufacturers usually deduct ½ an inch from the dimensions you provide.

It is essential to understand that an inside mount will let some minimal light through due to the gaps left on either side of the blinds. This gap is due to the space needed for the mounting brackets, which also provides the blind with sufficient space to function without effectively interfering with the window sill.

An outside mount is a perfect solution if you want a total blackout in your home.


There are no set rules for mounting the blinds on your windows. It is essential to analyze the appearance and functionality of investing in blinds that you will love for many years.