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Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating (Possible Causes And Fixes)

Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating (Possible Causes And Fixes)

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Whirlpool is one of the popular brands for home appliances across the globe that produces quality products with reliable customer service and support. One of the best products from whirlpool is their dryer. However, there are instances when the whirlpool dryer faces mechanical challenges and it may not heat or work as required. 

One of the main problems with whirlpool dryers is the failure to heat. When it fails to heat, your clothes won’t dry faster as they should, forcing you to look for an alternative like airing them in the sun. There are many causes for the Whirlpool dryer not heating including a faulty thermostat, spoilt heating element, circuit breaker, and a clogged vent. 

So, if you’re facing the same problem with your dryer, this article might be of help. Read on to the possible causes and fixes.

Damaged Circuit Breaker

If your whirlpool dryer stops working, the first thing you need to look at is the circuit breaker or fuse box. That’s if you’ve got an electric whirlpool dryer which usually has two circuit breakers for power and heating.

But the machine can work even when one breaker is blown. This means if the circuit breaker for heating gets damaged, the dryer will still work but not dry your clothes. However, in such a case, the dryer will operate at 110 volts, leaving the machine without adequate power needed to heat the dryer at the standard 220 volts.

The Fix

You can resolve this by checking the electrical panel to confirm if the circuit breaker or fuse is spoilt. After that, replace the damaged fuse and reset the circuit breaker. Alternatively, you can check the voltage from each circuit breaker to ensure that each can work properly. Each circuit breaker should deliver about 120 volts for the dryer to run without such hitches.

However, if you’re using a whirlpool dryer that uses gas, there’s insufficient supply, making it not heat. So, you need to turn on the gas and connect it properly for your dryer to heat the clothes as it should.

Blocked Vent

If the whirlpool dryer has a blocked vent, it will not be heating, and your clothes won’t dry faster. Vent blockage results from the lint trap on the ventilation and can also damage other parts of the dryer.

You need to stop this to enable your dryer to heat well and work as it should. If you can reach the vent from outside, check if it’s working. The ventilation should produce warm air consistently if it’s okay. But if not, you should clean it out to improve air circulation and the healing process.

Remember, a lint blockage can result in a fire outbreak, leading to more losses. So, you need to clean the ventilation to have the dryer heat better.

To do this, you need to;

  • First, remove the dryer from the power source. If you’re using a gas whirlpool dryer, turn it off
  • Then disconnect the vent hose. Remove the metal tape and unscrew it from behind the dryer
  • Also, remove the panel around the vent to access this area with ease
  • Thoroughly clean the vent hose and the surrounding area
  • Clean the vent duct using the vent cleaning kit or vacuum attachment
  • Reconnect the vent hose to the dryer. Ensure you do this well and don’t leave it scrunched to prevent airflow constriction in the hose.

Blockage in Lint Screen

A blocked lint screen will make your whirlpool dryer not heat enough to dry your clothes. If this is the case, you need to clean the screen for the dryer to heat well. Remember, when there’s a lint screen blockage, the moisture in the air will stay in the dryer’s drum for long, making the dryer incapable of drying your clothes in time. A blockage in the lint screen will also make lint block the dryer’s essential parts, so you should empty it regularly.

You can do this to clean the lint screen;

  • Remove the lint screen and wash it using soap and water.
  • Allow it to dry in the air. As it dries, clean the slot where you fix the lint screen into the dryer using a vacuum attachment.
  • Then return the lint screen to the dryer.

Heating Element is Faulty

Another reason your electric whirlpool dryer may not be heating is because of a faulty heating element. The heating element entails coils of wires in a metallic chamber. If the coils get broken, the heating element will not heat up to dry your clothes, requiring a replacement.

Replace it by;

  • You need to disconnect the dryer from the socket (power source). Then look for the heating element. You can use the manual to identify it faster.
  • You should then detach the rear or front access panel, which depends on the whirlpool model you’ve got.
  • Check if the heating element is okay. If it’s broken or there are signs of burns, you need to replace it.
  • Also, check for continuity using a multimeter. If the heating element doesn’t show power, you need to get a new one for your dryer.

Problem with Gas Valve Solenoid

Your gas whirlpool dryer has more than one gas valve solenoid coil. The coils facilitate gas flow to the burner assembly. If the valve solenoid has an issue, it won’t enable the dryer to heat. So, you should determine where the problem is to have your dryer work better.

Use a multimeter to check if the coils are defective. You should also test if the igniter works as it should. If the igniter glows and goes off without igniting the gas, it indicates the gas valve solenoid is the problem.

To resolve this;

  • Remove the dryer from the power source
  • Close the gas supply to the dryer
  • Identify where the gas valve solenoid is, then detach the access panel
  • After that, separate the coils from the gas valve solenoid
  • Check for continuity on the coils using a multimeter
  • Then remove the damaged gas valve solenoid and replace it with a new one

Blown Thermal Fuse

Your whirlpool dryer may also fail to heat if the thermal fuse is blown. The thermal fuse makes your dryer safe to use as it prevents it from fire. Note that the thermal fuse helps control the heating element. So, if it’s damaged, it will make your dryer not heat up.

If you’ve got the newer models of whirlpool dryers, when the temperatures go beyond a certain limit, it trips the thermal fuse making it not work. However, if it’s an older model, your dryer might not stop working. Instead, it won’t produce the heat necessary for drying your clothes. You should first identify the cause of the thermal fuse blowing before finding the best solution.

To replace the thermal fuse, you need to;

  • Check if the thermal fuse is blown after disconnecting the dryer from the power source.
  • Then disconnect the vent from the dryer.
  • After that, use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the rear panel.
  • Use the user’s manual to help you identify the thermal fuse, which can be near the rear, top or front access panel.
  • You should afterward disconnect the wires and screws on the fuse.
  • Remove the blown fuse and replace it with a newer one.
  • Reconnect the wires and put back the rear access panel.

Inadequate Power Supply

A whirlpool dryer requires about 240 volts to enable its heat. So, if your dryer is running but not heating, it means it doesn’t have enough power to do this. Inadequate power supply results from a tripped circuit breaker or fuse box.

It can also be because of less power reaching the unit from the outlet.

The Fix

Check if this is the issue using a multimeter. Call an electrician to check on the circuit breaker or the power outlet if there’s no continuity on the dryer. However, if your house is receiving less power supply from the main source, you have little control over it.  

Spoilt Flame Sensor

A gas whirlpool dryer has a flame sensor which allows for ignition in the flame chamber. If the dryer’s flame sensor is faulty, the unit won’t ignite, leading to no heat production. You need to replace this part to have your dryer heat up. But do this after testing for continuity to be sure if the flame sensor is the issue.

You can replace the flame sensor by;

  • Pull out the lint screen after disconnecting the dryer from power
  • Unscrew the two screws close to the opening
  • With a putty knife, detach the top from the unit by rotating it up
  • After carefully detaching the door switch wires and removing the top and screws, lift the front panel from the dryer
  • Push the pulley to get out the belt tension. Remove the belt from the motor shaft and pulley
  • Pull out the drum using the belt
  • Then remove the wires on the spoilt flame sensor and get it out of the burner tube
  • Place the new flame sensor into the burner tube and reconnect the dryer

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat may also be the cause of your whirlpool dryer, not heating. The thermostat regulates the temperature in the heating element and the blower. If the thermostat is faulty, the heater will be on for a long time raising the temperature in the dryer’s drum.

To avoid this, you need to check for continuity. This can be tricky as the thermostat has closed parts that only open at a high temperature. 

But you can use the following tricks to do the test;

  • Disconnect the dryer from power
  • Then look for the thermostat on the dryer’s cabinet. The thermostat should be part of the blower housing.
  • Carefully remove it from the dryer
  • Then test for continuity on the thermostat after setting the multimeter to Rx1
  • You should get an infinity or zero reading. But if it shows a different result from this, you have to replace the thermostat.

Bottom Line

Several reasons can make your whirlpool dryer not heat. However, this majorly depends on the kind of dryer you’re using. A gas whirlpool dryer might stop heating because of a damaged flame sensor or gas valve solenoid.

If you’ve got an electric whirlpool, it could be that inadequate power supply, a spoilt thermal fuse, heating element, or thermostat is making it not heat. A blockage in the vent or lint screen can also cause this. If any of these is why your whirlpool dryer is not heating, follow the above steps to resolve the issue with ease.

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