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Kenmore Washer Agitates but Won’t Spin (FIXED!)

Kenmore Washer Agitates but Won’t Spin (FIXED!)

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A Kenmore washer will make your work easier on a laundry day as it helps you have your clothes clean within no time. This machine has different parts which work harmoniously to give the best results. However, there’s a time when it will agitate but not spin, inconveniencing you. What could make your Kenmore washer agitate but not spin?

When this happens, it could be that the washer’s drain is clogged or the lid switch assembly has issues. A motor coupling, drive belt, or control board could also be an issue. Your washer’s door lock could also be faulty, making it not spin. 

This article is going to help you understand all these. So read on.

REASONS: Kenmore Washer Agitate but Not Spin

Clogged Drain

The washer needs to draw in water and drain it as it washes your clothes. But this may not be possible if the drain hose is clogged with dirt or items like coins or hair clips. When your washer can’t drain the water, it will keep your clothes wet even after the agitator completes its work.

The Fix:

You can rectify this by removing the dirt on the drain hose. Use hot water or a small nozzle vacuum cleaner to unclog the drain. Then ensure you unclog your machine after every use to avoid experiencing such a problem. 

Lid Switch Assembly Is Faulty

If your Kenmore washer is a top loader, there are high chances it’s got a lid switch. This switch detects when the lid is closed and stops the washer from running when it’s open. However, if the switch is faulty or worn out, it won’t be able to do this. Also, if the switch is broken, it won’t detect when the lid is closed. Instead, it will show that it’s open, making the washer not spin as it agitates.

The Fix:

You need to disconnect the washer from the main switch then remove the lid. Using a multimeter test if there’s continuity. If it doesn’t have, consider replacing it.

Motor Coupling Is Spoilt

Another reason your Kenmore washer might be agitating while not spinning is because of a spoilt motor coupling. The motor coupling connects the transmission and the drive and prevents the delicate part of impending danger. If this part is broken or overloaded, it won’t work.

The Fix:

It’s best to replace it when you experience such challenges as it’s cheaper. You should do this after identifying its location inside the unit. Then carefully replace it and have your washer agitate and spin simultaneously.

Drive Belt Has Issues

If you’ve got a front load Kenmore washer and it’s unable to spin but can agitate, it can be that the drive belt is spoilt. If the drive belt is worn out, loose, or frayed, it won’t be able to spin as it agitates. This can result from overloading the washer, and the most common problem is a loose belt.

The Fix:

Check the drive belt and identify if it’s loose by feeling the tension. Don’t forget to look for tears and cracks on the belt. If you identify where the problem is, consider replacing it.

Door Lock Has Issues

A front-load Kenmore washer also has door lock features which ensure the door is intact as the washer runs. However, it can get spoilt if you open or close it with a lot of force. Forcefully handling the door can also make the latch get worn out.

The Fix:

When this happens, the washer won’t spin as it agitates as it feels the door is open. You can rectify this after identifying the exact spoilt area. If you’re unable to see it, use a multimeter to check for continuity. Then consider buying a new door lock.

Water Pump is Damaged

If your Kenmore washer has issues with the water tank, it won’t be able to spin even if it agitates. This is because there’s not enough water to make it work. Look if there’s any leaking part on the water pump. If there’s none, switch off the valves, then power them on.

But the problem could also come from a water heater that is broken. When it’s broken, it won’t allow water to reach the drum making the washer, not spin. You can further check if any of the parts on the pump is corroded.

The Fix: Then consider replacing it to have easy time washing.

Stator or Rotor is Broken

The stator enables electronic parts in the washer to spin. If it’s broken, your washer won’t spin after it comes from the agitator. Look out for dents or cracks in the rotor and replace it if there’s any problem. If it’s a broken stator, repair it or buy another one and replace it.  

Drum is Unbalanced

The washer will spin without challenges if the load is balanced. However, if there’s an unbalanced load, the washer will shudder or experience vibrations. This will open the lid and redistribute the clothes in the drum. Such an occurrence will make the washer reset an off-balance affecting the spin cycle.

You can stop this by closing the lid and balancing the load. If there’s no change after doing this, check on the washer’s feet and make them fit properly. The washer should be on a flat level surface for it to work effectively. Use the knob to move the feet up or down to a preferred position.

Problem on the Control Board

Your Kenmore washer will also fail to spin while it agitates because of a problem on the control boards. This could be because the control boards are faulty or some of its components are burnt. You should check out any defect on the control board and ensure it supplies enough power to the machine. If it’s not supplying adequate energy, consider replacing it.

Bottom Line

Having a Kenmore washer that agitates but won’t spin can be torturous as you need to have the machine wash within the shortest time possible. So, you need to know the root cause of this problem and solve it in good time.

It could be that the control board has issues or the load is not equally balanced. At times, though, the drive belt is loose, and the lid switch can’t work properly. Identify the real issue, replace the spoilt part, repair it, and enjoy using your washer.

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