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Is Cork Flooring Expensive? (Find Out Now!)

Is Cork Flooring Expensive? (Find Out Now!)

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Cork flooring is one of the flooring options you can have in your home. It’s comfortable, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and warm. With all these amazing features, you might be wondering if you can really afford cork flooring. Is cork flooring expensive?

Cork flooring is not expensive. You will not spend much money installing or buying the cork flooring. Its price range is similar to other flooring options like tiles. Since you can install it by yourself and they’re durable, it won’t require much maintenance, which also makes it cheap in the long run.

If you’re planning to use cork flooring in your home and wondering whether you can afford it, this guide is for you.

Is Cork Flooring Expensive Than Hardwood?

Cork and hardwood flooring are great options you can install on your floors. Hardwood has been in the market for years, unlike cork flooring seen in many homes. They are both durable, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic.

However, it will cost you between $3 and $10 to buy a square foot of hardwood which is slightly higher than a cork flooring. The installation price is also higher for hardwood, unlike cork flooring, which you’ll spend less on.  

The Cost of Installing Cork Flooring

To know the average cost of installing the cork flooring, you first need to know the size of the area you want to fix it on. You also need to include the labor cost if you’re going to work with a professional for best results and the price of buying each cork plank or cork tile. A cork plank flooring or tile cork flooring per square foot will cost you an average of between $3 and $8 on the higher side.

However, the cost will largely depend on the quality of the cork flooring you go for and the warranty duration. The thickness, type, or color of cork flooring you settle for will also affect the price. Additionally, you will have to include the cost of subflooring, which will act as additional support to the cork flooring.

What Are the Advantages of Using Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring has several advantages which should make you opt for it. The flooring will make your home look beautiful regardless of your budget and style. The pros of cork flooring include;

Easy To Install and Maintain

You can install the cork flooring by yourself, reducing the installation cost you could have incurred. You will also not have challenges doing regular maintenance because the cork flooring is durable. After sealing it with polyurethane, it will take years for the flooring to get spoilt. You will only have to vacuum to remove dust and dirt and then damp mop the tough stains.

It’s SoundProof

As you walk on the floor, the person in the next room will likely hear your footprints. However, if you install the cork flooring, this will not be the case. You will be able to stay indoors without interference from those in the next room or downstairs.

Comfortable And Warm

You will also enjoy walking on such flooring as it’s comfortable and warm on your feet. The cork flooring maintains optimal temperature all year long, enabling them to retain heat and keep your feet warmer. They don’t also cause vibrations on your muscles or tendons as they’re not hard floors preventing your foot from straining as you walk.

Bottom Line

Cork flooring doesn’t cost much to install or to buy. The cost of installing these flooring materials will depend on the area of installation and thickness. If you fix the cork by yourself, it will also help you reduce the price. Cork flooring also tends to be cheaper than hardwood.

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