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Why Burnt Hair Smell in House? (Causes & Fixes!)

Why Burnt Hair Smell in House? (Causes & Fixes!)

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The smell of burnt hair is unlike the other scents as it produces a sulfurous odor attributed to the keratin in the hair that has cysteine. The scent might send you panicking as you look for its source. When you smell a burning odor, you’ll often rush in the direction and confirm what’s up. However, you might fail to get evidence of fire or smoke in the house, leaving you frustrated.

The smell could result from having not used your furnace during summer, and it happens after you turn it on. It could also result from a clogged air filter making the blower motor overwork, causing the smell. Additionally, blow-drying your hair indoors at high temperatures can cause this smell. You can use deodorants and air freshers or ventilate the room for fresh air.

If you have ever experienced a burnt hair smell and wondering what this could be, we’ll help you understand more in this article. Below are the causes of the burnt hair smell in the house.

It Could Be from Your Furnace

If your house smells like burnt hair, the cause could be from your furnace. If you have not used the furnace in summer when you don’t need to warm the house anymore, some dirt might come from it. So, turning on the furnace after a very long time of no use will produce a burning hair smell. This could be if some hair got into the furnace during this time, then burned when you turned on the furnace.

The smell is not harmful, and you need to ventilate the room to allow it to go away. You should also regularly maintain your furnace according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This should be after 50 to 90 days. However, if the smell persists, then there could be a different reason which you need to check well.

Clogged Air Filter

Another reason that can make your house smell like burning hair is if the air filter is clogged. It could be that during summer when the furnace wasn’t used, some hair got trapped on it. So, when you try using it, the hair will burn, producing a burnt hair smell in the house.

When the filters are blocked, there will be restricted airflow making the motor strain to achieve the desired results. To stop this, you should replace the air filter or clean it to have it work better. It’s advisable to keep changing the filters after a month to have better results.

 Blocked Dryer’s Ventilation Hose

If you have a dryer in the house, then the burnt hair smell could be coming from it. It can be that the dryer’s ventilation hose is blocked with hair producing the smell when in use. Trapped hair could be in some of your clothes unknowingly, so when you run the machine, it will produce the smell.

You should check for a blockage on the pipes to ensure the cause. This is after turning off the dryer to avoid any problems. You can unclog the hose and have it work as usual without the burnt hair smell.

Having the vent checked at least twice a year is advisable to reduce the chances of experiencing a blockage. Also, work with a professional to check on the dryer once per year to ensure it’s in the right working condition.

Did You/Someone Blow Dry Their Hair in The House?

If someone or you just made their hair in the house, then the burnt hair smell could be a result of this. Usually, you want that perfect hair-do that will make you look more beautiful. You might need to use excess heat on the blow dryer or curling iron to achieve this.

When you leave some of your hair wrapped on the curling iron for a few seconds, the heat will produce a burnt smell. If you do this repeatedly, the smell will spread all over the house, interfering with the fresh air supply.

How To Get Rid of The Burnt Hair Smell from Blow Dryer?

The burnt hair smell can stay within the house for a day or two, forcing you to look for the best solution to get fresh air. You can use baking soda to absorb the burnt hair smell from the house. It acts as an odor neutralizing agent if you use it in the right concentration.

Alternatively, you can use air fresheners or essential oils to get the rooms smelling clean and fresh. But the most important solution is to avoid using high heat when making your hair. The heat that gives your hair a beautiful look will damage the cuticle leading to hair loss.

Will Burnt Hair Smell Go Away After Sometime?

Yes, the burnt hair smell should go away after some time by itself. This is if you open the windows and let fresh air in. However, if the smell is intense, it can take up to two days to disappear, which can be frustrating. If this is the case, you can opt for air fresheners to make the house habitable.

Is Burnt Hair Smell Harmful?

Researchers believe the burnt hair smell is harmful and can cause medical problems. The bad smell interferes with the quality of air indoors, making you suffer looking to breathe. Remember, when you burn hair, it produces a sulfurous odor which is because the keratin in the hair has cysteine.

The odor might irritate your nose, eyes, and throat. Too much exposure to the smell might also affect your breathing system, especially if you’re asthmatic. So, it’s best to look for the best ways to get rid of it before it affects you.

Bottom Line

A house smelling like burnt hair can make you panic if you don’t know the cause of the problem. You might think of the imaginable and even call for help. However, this common occurrence can happen when hair gets trapped in the furnace, and you use it afterward.

The burnt hair smell could also be because of a clogged air filter, with hair being one of the components. Additionally, the smell could be after you blow-dry your hair at high temperatures. You can reduce the smell by opening the window and spraying air fresheners or essential oils. Unclogging or replacing the filters will also help in some cases.

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