Toilet paper is essential in the bathroom, but you can’t put it there without a holder. But should you put the toilet paper holder on the left or right side?

The answer is any side. There is no rule stating whether to place the toilet paper holder on the left or right. You can test and decide the side that will feel better. Also, consider if you are left-handed or right-handed. 

Remember, all that matter during the installation of a toilet paper holder is the convenience and availability of space. The holder should be in a convenient area where everyone can easily see and reach it without struggle.

Where To Put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you might not have enough space to hang your toilet paper. However, there are several methods to install your toilet paper holder, like mounting it on the desired area or opting for free-standing options.

Below are ideas on where to put your toilet paper holder in a small bathroom:

On The Wall

You can mount the toilet paper holder on the wall next to the door in a small bathroom. This area is easy to reach, and anyone can see the toilet paper easily. When you opt for this, ensure you leave enough space to walk in without bumping into the toilet paper holder. 

On the Sink Cabinet

You can also mount the holder on your sink next to the toilet. This is a good choice if the cabinet is next to the toilet and won’t make you strain reaching it.

Behind the Door

Another area to mount the toilet paper holder is behind the door. This area will help you save on space and allow everyone to reach the toilet paper easily. It will also not create a barrier for anyone accessing the toilet. Behind the door will also prevent water from reaching the tissue paper when someone is bathing.

Above The Toilet

Installing the toilet paper holder above the toilet is another space-saving hack. This trick will also create enough space for other bathroom items like towels and soaps. You should install a shelf or cabinet over the toilet, then fix the holder.

In a Corner Next to the Toilet

If your toilet has space where a free-standing paper holder can fit, opt for this. This area will allow you to access the toilet paper easily without covering much space. You can also store other toilet essentials like soap or detergents.

On the Sides of the Toilet Tank

Another option is to mount the toilet paper holder on the side of the toilet tank. This is if the holder doesn’t require mounting. For example, an adhesive holder will fit well beside the tank. But you have to ensure no water spillage can reach your tissue paper and damage it.

Toilet Paper Holder for Tight Spaces

Tight spaces can also pose a great challenge when mounting your paper holder. Here are some ideas that might work with tight spaces:

A Cart Toilet Paper Holder

You can buy a cart toilet paper holder and fix it in the corner of your bathroom. Look for an ideal size that will fit in the available space. The good thing about having this cart is it can hold other bathroom essentials like towels and soaps.

A Basket Paper Holder

You can also save space by placing toilet paper in a basket and putting them on top of the tank or the floor. The baskets will help enhance the bathroom’s look and are also affordable. You can select a basket that can withstand water.

Recessed Paper Holder

You can also save space in your small bathroom by installing a recessed toilet paper holder. It is also a discreet option that can keep your toilet paper if you’ve got destructive kids. But ensure the door can open without any challenges.  

A Floating Shelf

A floating shelf can also act as a toilet holder in smaller spaces. The shelves can also beautify the space as they come in different shapes and designs. You can mount it on the wall and put enough toilet paper. It will not be near the ceiling or floor, keeping your toilet paper safe and clean.

Bottom Line

Toilet paper holders help keep the bathroom neat and organized. But it needs to be conveniently placed to serve its purpose. Before you buy the best toilet paper holder, know whether to fix it on the right or left by testing this out. Don’t forget to buy the right ones that fit tight spaces.