A gap between ceiling light fixtures mostly comes when replacing older recessed light fixtures with newer canister lights. The old recessed light fixtures require a bigger ceiling hole to hold better. However, modern light fixtures like those using LED bulbs are smaller. So, installing the modern canister lights (newer recessed light fixtures) will leave a gap. But how can you fix this gap between the ceiling light fixture?

When there’s a gap between ceiling light fixtures, you can reduce or hide it to have no challenges when fixing the canister lighting. You can use a cake separator (a rigid polystyrene disk) or a strong plastic disk to reduce the ceiling hole.

This article will show you tricks to seal the gaps around a ceiling box and make it as appealing as before.

How To Hide Gaps Around a Ceiling Light Box?

Your ceiling light box will have gaps around it if you don’t install it properly. But you can use the following tricks to hide the holes in that area;

Use Painter’s Putty

One of the ways you can use to hide gaps around a ceiling light box is using painter’s putty. You will not have challenges applying this putty as it will stick on the surface well. Use a putty knife to spread it around the ceiling light box. Let it dry, then sand it to smoothen out the surface. After that, paint it to match the rest of the surface.

But you can replace the putty with spackle. The spackle, which has the same consistency as putty, dries faster, making your work easier. You will have to sand the spackle to have an even finish.

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Install A Ceiling Tile

Alternatively, you can install a ceiling tile to hide gaps around the ceiling box. Since ceiling tiles come in various styles and colors, you can opt for one that meets your personality or home design. The ceiling tiles will also give your house a better look which you can get without spending much money.

Apply Caulk Around the Affected Area

You can also use painter’s caulk around your ceiling light box. The flexible and water-resistant sealant will help seal those gaps and restore its initial look. You can select the caulk color that matches the rest of the ceiling light box. Then apply it using a caulking gun. Allow the caulk to dry off, and the gaps won’t be visible again.

Introduce A Decorative Trim to The Lightbox

You can also use a decorative trim to hide the imperfections on the ceiling light box. Look for your favorite decorative trim style from the nearby home improvement store, then fix it on the affected area. Use construction adhesive to make it hold on the spot. The advantage of settling for a decorative trim is it will improve the look of your lightbox.

Use Molding

The molding will also help you seal off gaps around the ceiling box. Select the right molding style to help beautify this area while creating a border. Then install the molding using constructive adhesive.

Fix A Ceiling Medallion on The Affected Areas

Your lightbox will have a newer look after installing a ceiling medallion. Fix the medallions around the light box with gaps to hide them and uplift the look of your ceiling. Use construction adhesive to have the medallions hold into place. But don’t forget to choose medallions sizes and styles that meet your preference.

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How To Reduce a Gap Between Ceiling Light Fixtures Using a Cake Separator?

If you want to seal off the gap between ceiling light fixtures using your cake separator, do;

  • Remove the bottom legs of the cake separator using a saw.
  • After that, mark or draw a circle on the separator. Use the paper template that comes with recessed lights to do this.
  • Then cut the marked area carefully to avoid folds on the separator. Also, ensure you don’t leave too much line showing or cut beyond the line as this will affect the circle size, making it not fit well on the gap.
  • You should then fix the cutout piece on the gap between the light fixture. Push the trim piece by rotating it back and forth to have it fit over the hole on the light fixture.
  • After that, install the light fixture. Let its new trim fit the ceiling hole according to the manufacturer’s guide.

The light fixture should fit nicely on the ceiling without any visible gaps. However, if it doesn’t, you should consider making a bigger ring cut from another cake separator. But you can caulk any smaller gaps visible to avoid additional work.

What If I Make a Ceiling Hole That’s Too Small?

There are instances where you could make a tiny ceiling hole than the light fixture you want to install. In this case, you should use a hand-held jab saw to dig the drywall to make a hole into which the recessed lights will fit. Doing this will take more time and mess around the area, but it’s much simpler. You can draw a circle of the right size of a hole to avoid making mistakes.

Bottom Line

When there is a gap between ceiling fixtures, the recessed light bulbs won’t hold well, which can make you to incur losses. To avoid this, you should look for the best way to fix the gap and have your mini canister lights hold well. You can seal the crack with a cake separator or a strong plastic disk. You should also know the tricks of hiding gaps around the lightbox to avoid having unsightly gaps around the ceiling light fixture.