Another year is almost coming to an end, and do you know what that means? Christmas is around the corner. One of the things many people enjoy during Christmas is decorating their homes. And if you can do all the work yourself, it can be more fun.

Christmas decorations don’t have to be so expensive or complicated. There are easy and fun ways to bring out your creativity and enjoy Christmas in style. Here are 31 easy and cheap DIY Christmas decorations for outside that you can try.

1. DIY Light Balls

There’s no perfect time to light up your yard than on Christmas. And you don’t have to spend money buying outdoor bulbs as you can make DIY light balls. Get chicken wire, twines, and some lights, and you’ll be good to go. Make plenty of them and hang them at strategic points to brighten up your home.

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2. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Your front porch needs some attention, and it can only get it if you add some color. Making DIY Christmas ornaments will give you the enjoyment of giving your home the beauty it deserves during the festive days. All you need for your porch to pop out with beautiful ornaments are some old sports balls, a drill, a thread, and paint.

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3. Winter Planters

For the love of the greenery, never miss the chance to add some green touches to your home. Winter planters will not only beautify your home but will stand out despite the heavy snow. This festive look will make your home look stunning no matter what the weather presents.

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4. Pom-Pom Wreath

Can’t find some flowers to make your favorite wreath? No need to worry because with just a crochet and some colorful threads, you can make your wreath right at home. Play around with different colors as you make as many wreaths as possible. Once done, hang it at the door and give your guests a welcoming gesture.

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5. Lighten the Front Porch

Another wonderful way to welcome your guests is to make your front porch brighter than it normally is. Get everyone in the mood for Christmas by decorating your front porch with those beautiful twinkle lights. Ensure everything in the doorway gets the twinkle lights to increase the beauty.

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6. Snowy Christmas Tree

The snow is a perfect Christmas theme. So, even before snow starts to fall, you will invite the atmosphere to your home. A snowy Christmas tree will surely give you that feeling of Christmas night. Get that white Christmas tree and put it right at the door.

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7. Christmas Doormat

One of the things that you can make easily at home is a doormat. A DIY Christmas doormat not only reminds people about the festive season but also serves its purpose of blocking away dust. Make sure you write a Christmas message on it. 

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8. Wooden Christmas Tree

Did you get a green Christmas tree last year? It’s time to go with a different type this year and make a DIY wooden Christmas tree. The good thing about this tree is that you can play around with colors as you wish. Finish decorating it with twinkle lights and let it serve as the center of attention.

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9. Decorate the Outdoor Pillows

That outdoor bench also needs some revamping, and the best way to do so is to add some throw pillows with a Christmas theme. Throw pillows with Christmas messages on it is sure to bring that desk to life and announce the festivals. Of course, the pillows will make the place cozier and warm.

10. Playhouse Decorations

Do you want to prepare your kids for Christmas and bring smiles to their faces? Include their playhouse in your Christmas decor plans. You can make it brighter by adding twinkle lights. Remember, the more the color, the better it will pop out and be the center of attention.

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11. Wooden Christmas Stars

You can bring Christmas stars to your home by making your own stars. Yes, all you need is some pieces of pine boards and twinkle lights. Make these stars in different sizes and distribute them in your yard. Check them out when the night falls and see how beautiful your home looks.

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12. Candy Canes

You can make DIY candy canes to welcome Christmas in style. The best thing about these candy canes is that they look beautiful, whether daytime or nighttime. All you need to make them are PVC pipes and clear Christmas lights to illuminate them at night.

Tutorial: GIANT LED CANDY CANES – DIY Tutorial 

13. Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man is another excellent Christmas decor that you should never miss, and it’s actually easy and inexpensive to make. If you want to see that cheerful man on your front porch welcoming your guests, you must get to work. Just cut out the shape from insulation foam and add your decors.

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14. Mailbox Decorations

Your mailbox is the first thing many people will see when they enter your home, and they must make a statement. Decorating your mailbox is as easy as adding a red ribbon or a mailbox cover. You can also throw in a few lights. Anything that speaks Christmas will be good enough for your mailbox.

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15. Pallet Tree

Do you have some pallets in your yard that you don’t know what to use for? Don’t throw them away, as they can make a beautiful Christmas tree. Just nail them together and add some lights and Christmas balls to decorate it. 

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16. Ball Garden

Your Christmas decor can be as simple as throwing some balls in the garden. Get some giant Christmas balls with some greenery and place them at strategic places in your garden. The colors are sure to attract anyone who will come to your home.

17. Lighted Pyramids

No Christmas tree? Some pyramids decorated with Christmas lights can work well too. Just make those tall, colorful pyramids and add some 100 LED lights to make them stand out at night.

18. North Pole Sign

If you don’t have the money to buy that North Pole sign, you can make one yourself. Get a long cardboard sign and paint it well. You can then add a foam ball at the top and a sign towards the top. Place it at your preferred location and wait for Christmas.

Tutorial: Click here

19. Wooden Train

Everything, including your kids’ toys, should have Christmas decor. This DIY wooden train is sure to make your home lively and fun. Add some colors and lights and see how they make your lawn look lovely.

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20. Giant Lollipops

Your kids are going to thank you for those DIY lollipop decorations. Reveal your sweet tooth with these candy-inspired decors and show everyone just how creative you can get.

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21. Hand-Painted Christmas Sign

If you have some red paint at home, that’s enough for a simple Christmas decoration. Just paint a Christmas word somewhere strategic, such as the door or on your walkway.

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22. Giant Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are not just for putting gifts inside as they can also act as decos. You can make bigger than normal-sized gift boxes to decorate your yard during Christmas. Make the boxes of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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23. Make a Snowman

Christmas is never fun without snow. Making a snowman means you’re ready to welcome the snowy season. You can make one or more snowmen of different sizes. To make them glow at night, add some LED lights.

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24. Light Up Christmas Ornaments

Adding a touch of beauty to your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With just a ball and LED lights, you can make those beautiful Christmas ornaments that light up your home. Try playing around with different sizes and colors and see how things turn out.

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25. Simple Christmas Light Tunnel

Do you want to bring that Christmas cheer to your home? Nothing works better than a simple Christmas light tunnel. Get PVP pipes and twinkle lights, and you’ll be good to go. Take a look at your decor at night and pat yourself on the back.

26. PVC Christmas Tree

No money to buy a Christmas tree? There are countless ways to get creative and make a DIY Christmas tree. Using PVC and simple lighting is easy and inexpensive. And yes, nothing beats the joy of having made your own Christmas tree from scratch.

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27. LED Cotton Candy

If you think cotton candies look beautiful, then they qualify to be part of your Christmas decor. The cotton candy Christmas decor goes very well with any candy-inspired decor. Play around with colors to see how stunning your cotton candy decor will look during the day. Add the LED lights and make them even more amazing at night.

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28. Cupcake Decor

Cupcake themes are also great Christmas decoration ideas to try out. The huge cupcake decorations work well for the walkways and will be sure to bring joy to your home.

29. Gingerbread House

Your gingerbread man needs a house, right? You can take your creativity to another level by making a huge gingerbread house. A beautiful gingerbread house may take a lot of time to build, but in the end, you’ll love just how creative you can be.

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30. A Giant Wreath

A giant wreath hanging on your door is a perfect way to welcome your guests. Well, your wreath doesn’t have to be too big if you prefer a smaller size. Choose an appropriate size depending on your resources and preferences. Ensure you decorate it enough with all the Christmas balls you can get and LED lighting.

31. NOEL Door Sign

Forget about wreaths this Christmas and go with a simple door sign. A simple door banner is easy to make and perfect for inviting the Christmas door. Try it out with the NOEL sign and the paint color of your choice. 

Ready to Go

There are plenty of Christmas decorations to choose from, and you’re only limited by your creativity. You can choose any decoration, from simple to complex ones, depending on your imagination. Remember, many of the decors are made from free or relatively affordable materials. So, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time making your favorite Christmas decorations for outside.